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Marching Tubas

Found in military bands and drum and bugle corps across the U.S., the marching tuba is an instrument that shares a lot in common with the sousaphone (an instrument that's often called a "marching tuba"). The main difference is that sousaphones usually have only 3 valves while tubas can have up to 5 which increases your fingering options and aids intonation. If you're a concert tubist who wants to take a stab at marching band, you've hit the jackpot by finding this section. Many of today's most respected brass instrument companies specialize in tuba models that easily convert from concert to marching tubas, including Jupiter and Tama by Kanstul.

For a lightweight tuba that has top-notch sound and projection, check out the King SB50 4-Valve Marching Bb Tuba. Boasting patented features like the ability to see left through the tuba while in playing position, nickel-plated pistons for a smooth action and a removable valve section for easy cleaning, this ergonomically balanced tuba would be an ideal addition to any marching band.

Or maybe you're a member of both a concert band and a marching band and want one tuba that can handle both applications with class and grace - in which case, feast your eyes on the Tama by Kanstul KTB54C Series 3-Valve 5/4 Convertible Bb Tuba. By teaming up with one of the greatest brass design innovators of all time (Kanstul), Tama has created a tuba with the versatility to cover every season. Available in lacquer and silver plate finishes, this tuba can easily convert from "front-action" (for concert) to "top-action" (for marching) and it even comes with a durable case and mouthpiece.

Honestly, every marching tuba in this catalog deserves your consideration. Many marching band enthusiasts agree that the sound of a marching tuba is superior to a sousaphone - and due to the demands of prestigious marching tubists, today's models have never sounded better. Give any one of these marching tubas a shot and experience how amazing they play and sound firsthand.