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Marching Euphoniums

A staple in marching bands across the United States and beyond, a marching euphonium is an instrument that makes its presence known in a pretty sizeable way. Similar to a trumpet (only much larger) and made to be played on the move, the marching euphonium is designed to provide you with optimal balance as you fall into formation with the rest of your band. They're typically outfitted with a larger throat bell that increases airflow which adds to its deep, resounding sound. In this selection, you'll find an impressive variety of marching euphoniums and we invite you to dive in and see which one is going to work best for you.

If comfort comes a close second to sound on your list of priorities, check out the King 1129 Ultimate Series Marching Bb Euphonium. Offering excellent sound projection through its 11" bell, this beautiful brass instrument boasts an ergonomic design that provides optimum balance and hand positioning - meaning you won't have to fumble with your fingers to get them on the right valves.

Another fantastic marching euphonium is the Tama by Kanstul KEN Series Marching Bb Euphonium. A best seller for many reasons, this marching euphonium features a traditional large bore and bell flare to give it a strong, elegant sound that projects extremely well on the field. It even comes with a lyre holder to keep your music secure and organized during your performance.

And while these are just two examples of marching euphoniums, there are a lot more to discover in this catalog as well. Whether you choose a lightweight instrument like the Adams ME1 Series Marching Euphonium or a hybrid model like the King K30 Series Marching Bb Euphonium, you can bet that you're getting an exceptionally well-made euphonium that will bring you many years of musical enjoyment.