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Marching Bb Trumpets

Since marching band applications present a wide range of challenges, many brass instruments are made specifically to tackle everything from sudden changes in temperature to keeping you in total control of your performances while marching. Take the Bb trumpets in this section, for example. Not only are these trumpets designed to project loudly over far distances, but they're also lightweight and many contain unique features for easy intonation and adjustments while you're out on the parade grounds.

For proof that the trumpets in this catalog were constructed with your marching band needs in mind, check out the Tama by Kanstul KTP Series Marching Bb Trumpet. Available in both silver and lacquer finishes, this horn has a large .470" bore and a 5-1/16" bell to give you a full and rich tone that will be heard by everyone in attendance. No doubt, the KTP Series Marching Bb Trumpet is ideal for indoor and outdoor performances alike.

King is another leader in the manufacture of marching brass instruments, and it's obvious why with the MT1 Series Marching Bb Trumpet. Weighing only 2.2lb, this trumpet consists of only the highest quality materials to result in a horn that is loud, clear and exceptionally balanced. From its stainless steel pistons for quick response to the exceptional construction of the case it comes with, you'll certainly be getting more bang for your buck if you go with this option.

And these models were only mentioned to give you an idea of what makes up this selection. Compared to trumpets made for concert purposes, marching trumpets are sturdier, louder and more comfortable to hold in the standing position. When you get right down to it, companies like Jupiter, King, Adams and Tama by Kanstul are dedicated to making your marching band experience a pleasant one, and each one of their Bb trumpet models is worthy of your consideration.