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Manuel Rodriguez Guitars

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A well-made Spanish guitar is something you can tell not only by its sound, but also by its look and feel. Its biggest strength is that it provides the whole package of craftsmanship: an instrument that appeals to every sense (we don't recommend trying to taste it, though!). Manuel Rodriguez guitars are the perfect examples of this principle in action. Pick one up, feel the weight and shape, look at the attention to detail, smell the aromatic wood and, of course, listen to how it sounds... you'll know right away that you're holding something special. If you're a flamenco lover, you'll be interested to know that was how Manuel Rodriguez guitars first began. The company's founder and namesake was born in 1887 to a flamenco-loving family, and he embraced music from an early age. By the time he reached his teens, Manuel Rodriguez was building guitars as a hobby... and he enjoyed it so much, he decided to pursue a career as a luthier. He built countless instruments throughout his life, each one a work of art, and today the tradition lives on through the brand that still bears his name. One of the best things about Manuel Rodriguez guitars is that there's an option for everybody. If you're a beginner, for instance, check out the Caballero 11 Cedar Top Classical Guitar. Affordable enough for a first instrument, this model features a solid Canadian cedar soundboard and easy playability that makes learning a breeze. On the other hand, if you're an advanced guitarist or a performing pro, you might prefer something like the Manuel Rodriguez FF Cutaway Cypress Classical Acoustic-electric Guitar. It's handcrafted with a unique combination of woods and tonewoods that makes it an instrument without equal. For more than a hundred years, guitarists all over the world have known that Manuel Rodriguez is the name to look for when it comes to classical and flamenco instruments. If you've ever seen Manuel Rodriguez guitars with your own eyes, you won't be surprised by that... because you'll know that they offer a standard of quality and craftsmanship that's quite simply worth searching for.