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Mandolin Tabs

The mandolin is a lively, fun and sometimes even a romantic member of the guitar family - no surprise, considering the spirited Latin music with which it's so closely associated. But there's a lot more to the mandolin than that. It's found its way into just about every musical genre and style, which is easy to see with a quick look at the diversity of mandolin tablature available in this section. No matter your experience level or what sort of tunes you like to play, you'll probably find some tablature here that fits in nicely with your current repertoire - not to mention some interesting ways to broaden your musical horizons in new and interesting directions.

For the young or beginning player, your best bet is to start with tablature designed to teach key mandolin techniques, or featuring songs that are easy to play and follow interesting themes. Some examples of books that fit into these categories would be Mel Bay Killer Technique: Mandolin, Hal Leonard Disney Songs For Mandolin or the Alfred The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bluegrass Mandolin Favorites Book (don't sweat the name; this really is the book to get if you're looking to get into bluegrass from the ground floor).

Another angle you can take to approach this mandolin tablature is to go by your own musical interests. For instance, if you're a Dylan fan, there's the Hal Leonard The Bob Dylan Mandolin Chord Songbook. For movie buffs, check out the Hal Leonard O Brother Where Art Thou Mandolin Tab Songbook. Or, if you're looking for a few suggestions, you might try browsing the Alfred Just for Fun series, which has lots of material to offer, from classic rock and swing jazz to Christmas and the British invasion.

There's a great selection of mandolin tablature to choose from here, so feel free to dive right in and find the books that stand out to you the most. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, there's always room for a little more repertoire - and if there's one thing we can all agree that the world needs, it's more music! So don't let your mandolin gather dust; instead, grab some tablature to experiment with and get your groove on.