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MTD Fretless Electric Bass

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For over two decades, bassists have loved the unmatched playability and quality of Michael Tobias Design (MTD) fretless electric basses. Designer and master luthier Michael Tobias builds each one of his masterpieces with the main focus on its acoustics. By experimenting with different types and combinations of wood, he seeks the best possible tone in every instrument he crafts. Known around the world for their beauty and superior sound, MTD fretless electric basses are the perfect instrument to connect your music with an audience. If this is your first adventure into the world of fretless basses, you'll definitely want to check out the Kingston CRB 4-String Fretless Electric Bass. This classic rock bass boasts the quality of a hand-made axe at a working-musician's price. With a tone that really kicks, this double-cutaway bass is outfitted with a fretless ebony fingerboard, a quick release bridge, and a Buzz Feiten tuning system - everything a beginning bassist needs to develop their killer talent. On the other hand, if you're a bassist with a bit more experience under your belt, the MTD Kingston Artist 5-String Fretless Bass Guitar is definitely an instrument to consider. Light and ergonomic with a carved basswood body, this professional-level bass features MTD-exposed pole alnico MM pickups that deliver the big sound and focused tone serious bassists demand both on stage and in the recording studio. And these are just two examples of MTD's impeccable lineup of fretless electric basses. Regardless of which model you choose, you can be sure that with an MTD you're getting nothing but the best. From sold-out stadium tours to extended garage-band jam sessions to stripped-down live performances, there's a Michael Tobias Design fretless electric bass that will match up with your skill and style, right here.