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When thinking about the important role different components of your electric guitar play in producing your sound, the input jack may not necessarily be at the top of your list. But the fact is, without a working input jack, there's no way to connect your guitar to your amp, and no connection means no fiery riffs to rock the crowd. Similarly important is a jack plate, which, when removed, offers easy access to your guitar's components, and when attached, keeps your hardware safe from dust, liquids, and anything else that could compromise your guitar. Jacks and jack plates are definitely important to ensure your guitar sounds its best. Choosing the right jack plate can have a lot to do with what style of body your guitar has. If it is a Stratocaster or resembles a strat body, you'll want to check out something like the Strat-Style Jack Plate from ProLine or the Strat Style Jack Plate Chrome from DiMarzio.

If you're looking for a little flash and style with your jack, try the Fender Guitar Jack Plate which features a gold finish. Whatever your choice, you'll always feel confident that your instrument will be ready to go. Keeping your components from being exposed with the help of a back plate can definitely help prolong the life of your instrument. Back plates such as the Fender Stratocaster Back Plate Tremolo Cavity Cover will keep wiring covered and secured, but also allow for easy access if you need to adjust something. Neck plates also play a crucial role in keeping your instrument in its best shape. Neck plates help to spread the pressure applied by the screws in the neck of your instrument. Options such as the Fender '70s 'F' Style Neck Plate will give your guitar a vintage appeal, while something like the El Dorado Hand-Engraved Tele Neck Plate will help your guitar stand out while remaining in top notch shape. Guitars are more than just strings and a block of wood, they require a number of components working in tandem to produce the sounds you know and love. With jacks and jack plates, you can rest assured that your instrument's important parts are going to be protected whether you're on the stage, traveling between shows, or simply practicing at home.