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Instrument Storage

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No musician should underestimate the importance of proper instrument storage. Thankfully, today's market is jam-packed with a wide range of high-quality racks, cabinets, carts and more for your musical instruments and equipment of choice, and this section is loaded with options to prove it. Whether you're a band instructor who needs a rack for their students' violas and trumpets or a double bassist who uses more than one instrument during a live performance, the storage unit for you is waiting right here. Once you jump into this catalog, it'll be immediately obvious which instrument storage unit is the right one for you. After all, each rack, cabinet, cart and workstation in these pages was designed to support specific instruments and pro audio gear. For example, if you need a rack to hold multiple guitars, go straight for the A&S Crafted Products Double-Stack Guitar Rack. It can hold up to 20 guitars and/or cases and it's constructed of hardwood rails and scuff-resistant, brushed-aluminum finished melamine sides. Or maybe you're a sound engineer who often records jazz ensembles and needs a new saxophone rack for their studio - in which case, the BandStorgage.com Studio Saxophone Case Rack is the perfect answer. Featuring black finished sides and constructed of hardwood rails, this American-made rack is handcrafted and can hold up to 5 sax cases. Now, if we're to mention one more choice that deserves your attention, we'll suggest going with the A&S Crafted Products Violin and Viola and Trumpet Rack. Ideal for concert bands and orchestra classes, this rack features felt lining at all contact points and a heavy-duty wheeled transport unit. On top of having enough room to support up to 20 violin/viola/trumpet cases, it's no wonder why this rack is a best seller. As you can see, you don't need to look any further for your instrument storage needs. From A&S Crafted Products to BandStorage.com, these companies are respected in the music industry for the great deal of hard work they put into the design and construction of their instrument storage units. So without further hesitation, start browsing your options!