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Ibanez Left-Handed Electric Bass

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The hand you choose to pluck with should not be a deciding factor in the quality of your bass guitar. Thankfully, Ibanez is dedicated to all musicians, and in this section you'll find more than enough left-handed electric bass models to prove it. With their easy playability, killer sound and affordable price, Ibanez left-handed electric basses are made with the same great deal of passion and precision as every other instrument that leaves their factory - and it's obvious the second you begin playing one. So which model is the right fit for you? That'll depend on your own needs and tastes as a player. For example, if you're after a bass guitar that's well balanced and comfortable on the fingers, check out the GSR200L Left-Handed 4-String Electric Bass Guitar. Featuring an agathis body, one-piece maple neck, active EQ with PHAT-II bass boost and equipped with a split-coil and single-coil pickup array, the GSR200L is a perfect combination of exceptional looks, feel and tone. Or, maybe you're a more experienced bassist who wants to try a 5-string model - in which case, turn your attention to the SR1205E Left-Handed Premium 5-String Electric Bass. Created specifically for the concert-ready professional, this bass has many high-end features. The exotic Ovankol top on the large mahogany body makes for an eye-catching appearance, while the Nordstrand Big Single pickups help to produce a clear sound with just enough aggression. Additionally, this beauty contains the Mono-Rail IV bridge for superior string isolation. All this along with many other unique features makes the SR1205E a must-have for any groover who also happens to be a southpaw. We could talk all day about what makes Ibanez left-handed electric basses so special, but at this point we'll let you dive into their catalog and see for yourself. The simple truth is that these instruments are a testament to Ibanez's innovation and top-notch craftsmanship. No doubt, if you're a lefty with big aspirations, the electric bass of your dreams may be waiting right here, courtesy of Ibanez.