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Godin Acoustic Bass

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Godin approaches all their designs by thinking outside the box. That's why Godin acoustic bass guitars are anything but conventional. So if travelling off the beaten path and creating outstanding tone sounds right up your alley, you're definitely in the right place. From traditional 4-string instruments to 5-strings, from fretted to fretless, the selection to please nearly any player is right here. And they're all built with electronics inside, so you can seamlessly transition between unplugged acoustic sound and amplified performances. To deliver on that versatility and stage-worthy sound, the Godin A4 Ultra Natural SA Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar is an excellent choice. Its individual saddle transducers at the bridge, as well as its MIDI-capable electronics, make this bass easy to take onstage or into the recording studio. Moreover, it boasts a rock maple neck that pours out beautiful sustain and definition with every note you play. If you're looking for an extended bass range, the Godin A5 Ultra Bass Fretless SA 5-String Acoustic Electric Bass is a prime option. This standout 5-string instrument features a custom Godin preamp section so you can manipulate everything about the tone, down to the finer details. This bass is specifically designed to resist feedback at any volume, and the fretless neck allows for silky-smooth slides. Finally, the solid spruce top and silver leaf maple body lead to an overall balanced, clear tone. Like the many talented musicians who play them, Godin instruments almost always defy categorization. Their acoustic bass guitars are no different. That's because they're always striving to merge the best of traditional knowledge with modern breakthroughs. The Canadian-based company is proud to note that more handwork goes into making their instruments than many custom shops worldwide. That's how you know that, whichever Godin you choose, you'll be confident it was crafted by people who love music as much as you do.