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Whether you're on stage performing, off stage supporting the show, or doing professional photography or videography, you work your butt off to make sure that it sounds and looks as best as possible each and every night. You make sure your equipment is fully protected with the best bags and cases you can find so that the road doesn't do even the slightest damage. But what have you done to protect the most valuable asset you have...your hands? They're the one piece of equipment that ensures you can load in, play and load out each day and night without a hitch. If you injure your hands, you're out of commission. So do yourself a favor and protect your hands with the one piece of gear that should always be in your gig bag - Gig Gloves. Thermo-Gig Gloves are the only work glove designed specifically for gigging professionals to use while working in cold weather and cold environments. They have an additonal special thermal lining to protect hands in cold climates.
Gig Gear Thermo-Gig Gloves X Large

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