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This is the original design of the Gig Glove, updated with a few new features. It is the first hand protection equipment designed specifically for the music and event professional. It has numerous features that are designed with the constantly fluctuating menu of tasks that face the production professional.

The updated Original Gig Glove v2 offers unparalleled protection and functionality. TPR padding on the back of hand and fingers protects against impact and abrasion, touchscreen sensitive fingertips also fold back on thumb, index and middle fingers for close work such as drum-tuning, knob-turning, and other fine motor tasks, while the padded synthetic leather palm ensures a secure grip indoors and out. Plus, if you need to field a phone call while wearing the Original Gig Glove v2, the fingertips are phone-friendly, and allow for touch screen control for password input, phone number input and swiping.

Now available in additional sizes (select from drop-down menu), the v2 is as constructed with strong, comfortably dry breathable mesh, wrist cuffs straps for second-skin fit and cuff hooks for interlocking or keychain attachment. Yellow highlighting on the back of hand and fingers provides safe, effective visibility.
Gig Gear Original Gig Glove v2 X Large

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  • Protective padding on the fingers and back of the hand
  • Grip material on palms and fingers
  • Breathes for comfort in warm conditions
  • Phone-friendly digits
  • Peel-back thumb and first and second fingertips
  • Great for gigging and touring crews, roadies, musicians, DJs and AV techs, theater and live event techs and backstage crews film, TV and broadcast grips and production pros

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