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General French Horn Instruction Books

Like most of its cousins in the brass family, the French horn is a complex instrument steeped in many years of history and development. That means it can be a challenging prospect to learn, but don't let it intimidate you. Hundreds of players in orchestras around the world have mastered the French horn, and with the right instruction and a good amount of practice on your side, so can you. The first step is to get prepared, and since you're looking at general French horn instruction books, it's safe to say you're already working on that step. With some of these resources in your library, you'll be well on your way to becoming a pro.

There's a lot to choose from in this section, so it's a good plan to know your needs going in. That way, you can choose the best instruction books to meet them, especially if that turns out to be a specialty title. For instance, are you a past player looking to pick the French horn back up after years without playing? In that case, there's something just for you: the Carl Fischer I Used to Play French Horn Book & CD. Auditioning for an orchestra? Check out the Alfred Horn Players Audition Handbook. With tailored materials like these, it's easy to make your goals a reality.

For more generalized learning, take a look at options like the KJOS Tradition of Excellence: Technique & Musicianship F Horn and the Carl Fischer 60 Selected Studies for French Horn. Want to expand your repertoire with an instructional songbook? Then how about the Alfred Star Wars Instrumental Solos (Movies I-VI) Horn in F Book & CD, the Hal Leonard Favorite Celtic Melodies For F Horn Book/CD, or the Alfred Accent on Christmas and Holiday Ensembles Horn in F book? The choices are yours to make!

It's no secret that instruction plays an important role in mastering an instrument - but not all instruction needs to come from the mouth of a teacher. Written guides are excellent for refreshers, practice material and supplementary learning, helping you go the extra mile to become the greatest musician you can be. By coming to this selection of general French horn instruction books, you've taken the first step... care to take the next?