Floyd Rose

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The Floyd Rose Titanium string lock screws give your Floyd Rose tremolo system a sturdier clamping system for your guitar strings. The lightweight yet durable titanium construction provides superior strength over standard steel screws so your strings stay securely in tune through heavy use and extreme vibrato techniques. Serious shredders will appreciate the corrosion-resistant titanium that maintains integrity even after years of hard play. With the Floyd Rose Titanium string lock screws, you get reliable string security and tuning stability for unhindered expression.

Floyd Rose Titanium String Lock Screws

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  • Titanium string lock screws for Floyd Rose tremolo systems
  • M4x40 size for Floyd Rose Original, 1000, 1500, Special and By Floyd Rose
  • Lightweight yet corrosion-resistant for durable clamping
  • Black color complements Floyd Rose tremolo systems

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