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Flip Folders

There aren't many musicians who can follow along to a complex musical arrangement without sheet music to guide them, which is why flip folders are so important to musicians in orchestras and marching bands. In fact, this is also the reason why respected brasswind and woodwind manufacturers like Allora and Grover-Trophy specialize in flip folders of the highest quality - and that's exactly what you'll find in this catalog. Whether you're a high school band student or a veteran of the parade square, you're definitely in the right place for a new flip folder.

So which flip folder is right for you? Honestly, any choice you make here will be a great one - for example, the Grover-Trophy 10 Window Flip Folder is perfect for marching bands and comes with 5 windows to get you started. Need more windows or new rings? No worries - Grover-Trophy also offers a 12-pack of replacement windows here, as well as single replacement rings.

Another great option to consider is the Allora AL9400 Marching Folio. Featuring a durable backing that's compatible with any lyre brand and 5 clear windows to hold up to 10 pages of music front and back, this flip folder is perfect for both rehearsals and performances. For that matter, the same can be said for the Plasti-Folio Flip Folder 5 Window. Like the ones just mentioned, this plastic folio flip folder is a top seller and a must-own for any serious marching band member.

No intricate musical composition should be played without sheet music. Of course, with the right flip folder, you can keep your most complicated compositions in clear view during your performances. Flip folders are simple, affordable and essential accessories that every orchestral and marching band musician should have in their gig bag, and the ones in this section are designed with your musical ambitions in mind.