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Whether you're a veteran of the stage or still in the beginning stages of your musical journey, Fender is a name that guitarists can always count on. In fact, Fender has been a leader in instrument manufacturing for decades, and they're trusted just as much for their strings as they are for their guitars. Throughout this catalog you'll find a wide variety of choices, from 6- and 12-string options to even nylon strings for classical guitars. In other words, Fender has a string set for anyone who has the passion for playing. For a perfect example of Fender's dedication to quality, hobbyists and professionals alike will love the 70CL 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light. Offering incredible projection and bell-like sustain, these strings are ideal for musicians who play in a band. While you're at it, you'll definitely want to check out the 60L Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Light. Delivering rich, warm tones with complex harmonics, these strings are perfect for singer-songwriters and soloists. As mentioned, Fender also specializes in sets for classical guitars, and the 130 Clear/Silver Classical Nylon Guitar Strings are often favored for their smooth feel and reduced finger noise. Like every Fender string set, these are made with stunning attention to detail and using only the finest materials to ensure you get the best feel and sound through countless practices and performances. And your choices don't end there. When you get right down to it, choosing the best acoustic guitar strings can be as simple as going with a name that has a reputation worldwide for being dependable - and for that you're definitely in the right place. Whatever you choose, you can have peace of mind knowing that Fender's bronze and phosphor-bronze strings have long been the go-to choice of many acoustic guitarists for the simple reason that they sound incredible.