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It's only common sense that you aren't going to be carrying your euphonium for every second it spends out of its case. And when you want to put it down, the ground should generally be your last resort - better to have something from this selection of euphonium stands, so your instrument can have a comfortable place to rest without getting dirty or scratched. No matter where your euphonium goes, from your house to the stage to the school band room, if it's a place where you set the horn down, then it's the right place for a stand. Which means that it's good news these stands are collapsible, so they can go where you need them. If you're looking for a simple and versatile option, check out the K&M 149/2 Tenor Horn Stand. It fits baritone horns and euphoniums, as well as the tenor horns that it's named after. Plus, with its straightforward hanger-and-bracket layout, it can be used to hold just about anything else in a pinch. And that simple design allows it to fold up small and light, so you'll have no trouble taking this stand just about anywhere. On the other hand, if you're searching for the sturdiest mounting option you can find, the K&M 14941 Baritone Horn-Euphonium Stand could be an even better choice for you. The layout of this stand is a little bit different, using side brackets to hold the horn in place instead of a hanger. This means you won't be likely to fit any other kind of instrument on the stand besides what it's designed for - but at the same time, it means a firmer, more secure fit for your euphonium. And like its smaller cousin, it's fully capable of folding up for transit. There's no reason to have your euphonium sitting around just anywhere - not when there are euphonium stands like these available to seat them comfortably! Every horn player should have a stand in his or her collection, which certainly includes you. Your instrument deserves as much, after all, and you'll be thanking yourself for keeping its finish pristine... not to mention having it within easy reach when you go to pick it back up again.