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Ernie Ball Ribbon Patch Cable

Ernie Ball

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These premium patch cables are designed for musicians who demand high quality and reliability. The flat ribbon cable design provides enhanced flexibility for simplified pedalboard layouts and cable routing. Constructed with superior components and shielding, these cables accurately transmit your signal with minimal noise and interference. The durable PVC jacket protects the cable and connectors, ensuring long-lasting performance through extensive use and travel. For guitarists and bassists looking to optimize their pedalboard setup, the Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon Patch Cables are an ideal solution.

Flat Ribbon Cable For Streamlined Pedalboard Layout

The flat ribbon cable design allows for tight turns and simplified cable routing between effects pedals. The slim profile takes up minimal space on your pedalboard, giving you more room for the pedals themselves. The flexible and maneuverable cable makes rearranging your pedalboard a breeze and prevents frustrating tangles.

Superior Components And Shielding For Pure Signal Transmission

Ernie Ball flat ribbon patch cables are built with premium components and shielding materials selected for maximum signal preservation. Multiple layers of shielding prevent interference from EMI and RFI, transmitting your guitar's tone with clarity and accuracy. High-quality connectors provide a secure connection between your pedals, and the contacts prevent signal loss over time.

Durable PVC Jacket Stands Up To Extensive Use

The durable PVC jacket protects the patch cables from damage, ensuring reliable performance through years of use. The rugged exterior shields the cable from abrasions, cuts, and tears—ideal for musicians on the road. The PVC jacket also makes the cables easy to grip when rearranging your pedalboard setup.

Compact And Convenient 3-Pack

This 3-pack of patch cables provides a compact yet versatile set for your pedalboard needs. The short cable lengths minimize excess slack while giving you the connections you need between pedals. The convenient 3-pack ensures you have spares on hand for a new pedal or quick cable swap.

Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon 3-Pack Patch Cables 3 in. White
Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon 3-Pack Patch Cables 3 in. White

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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