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Educational Snare Kits


10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

If you're a student percussionist who has aspirations of playing music for many years to come, you want to feel confident in your abilities from the very first note or beat you hit. Thankfully, today's top drum and percussion manufacturers understand this, which is why educational snare kits like the ones in this section have been assembled by pros for students who are just starting to play. No doubt, any one of these educational snare kits will have an aspiring drummer realizing their strongest potential in no time.

You don't have be a veteran drummer to recognize brands like Pearl and Yamaha. These companies are among the most respected names in drums and percussion, and they both offer educational snare kits in this section. To kick off your search, check out the Pearl SK-900 Snare Drum Kit with Backpack Case. A top seller, this kit features a full steel shell snare drum, heavy-duty basket style snare stand, 2-Level rubber practice pad and nylon backpack-style case with reinforced handles and outside pockets.

Another great option from Pearl is the SK900C Snare Drum Kit & Case with Wheels. In addition to the 14" x 5.5" steel snare drum, this kit also comes with a practice pad as well as a stand with adjustable snare basket and a wheel nylon carrying case with retractable handle. Yamaha also offers an excellent educational snare kit here. The Student Snare Drum with Back and Rolling Cart consists of a durable, soft backpack with reflective safety stripes, a stable X-style stand and a two-level height adjustable rolling cart. Not to mention, this quality snare drum is very responsive and produces a crisp, powerful sound.

No drummer started playing as a professional; it took years of practice to perfect their craft before they ever hit a concert stage. Of course, with a little confidence and the right educational snare kit, who knows where your talents will take you. You already have the passion and drive to be an incredible drummer - all you need now is the perfect educational snare kit to get your musical journey rolling, and you're definitely in the right place for that.