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Eb Tubas

Of the four tuba types (F, Eb, CC and BBb), Eb tubas are definitely used the most often among younger students and they're also the most commonly found in grade-school concert bands. The reason is because Eb tubas are smaller in size compared to the other types. With that in mind, Eb tubas are seeing a surge in popularity in recent times among pro-level players, and they're perfect for chamber music ensembles and professional solo performers as well. If you're looking for a new Eb tuba, you're in luck: these days, you'll find that many of today's most trusted brass instruments brands construct Eb tuba models that look and feel as impressive as they sound.

For a better idea of which Eb tuba is appropriate for you, you should definitely take a closer look at each option. Of course, you can narrow down your choices a lot quicker by taking into consideration your budget and what you prefer from a visual standpoint. You'll also find that Eb tubas come in a variety of sizes and valve combinations. If price is a factor for you, then start your search with the Besson BE1077 Performance Series 3-Valve Eb Tuba. Available in your choice of Silver and Lacquer finishes, this tuba is very lightweight, features a carefully positioned mouthpipe for optimal playing comfort and it has a very even response.

Or, if you're looking for an Eb with 4 valves, check out the Miraphone M7000L Ambassador Lacquer EEb Tuba. Featuring a .709" to .740" conical bore, 4 valves (3 Top and 1 Slide) and a nickel silver mouthpipe, this 5/4 instrument is ideal for brass band work. While you're at it, be sure to give the Kanstul Model 66-S 4/4 EEb Side Action Concert Tuba some attention as well. The exceptional intonation, incredible tone and easy blowing quality of this tuba is the result of 5 side action valves, hand lapped Monel Pistons, a special alloy bell, and of course its flawless craftsmanship.

Whether you're buying for an aspiring youngster or for yourself, you'll see quickly that today's line of Eb tubas is loaded with models for every application and taste. The tuba's deep, boisterous sound continues to play an essential role in concert bands and orchestras, and brass instrument manufacturers like Besson, Miraphone, Kanstul and Willson put a great deal of passion into every Eb model they design.