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The EMG ACS acoustic guitar pickup, a revolutionary solution for players seeking a dynamic amplified acoustic guitar sound. The ACS Pickup employs EMG's exclusive internal preamp tailored specifically for the acoustic guitar's phase and frequency range. It delivers an authentic and nuanced acoustic tone with enough power and volume to perform with a full band, all while eliminating unwanted feedback.

Broad Frequency Range Provides Authentic Tone

The ACS Pickup offers a remarkably broad frequency range to produce an authentic and natural acoustic tone when plugged in. Its tailored preamp accentuates the acoustic guitar's favored bright top-end and full low-end. Players will enjoy a tone that sounds as if it's coming straight from the soundhole rather than an electronic pickup.

Powerful Yet Feedback-Resistant

While the ACS Pickup provides more than enough volume and gain to play alongside a full band, it is engineered to resist feedback, even at high volumes. Its unique design and placement within the soundhole helps mitigate the phase issues that often lead to unwanted squealing or humming. Players can focus on their performance rather than constantly adjusting controls to reduce feedback.

Intuitive Controls for Simple Tone Shaping

The ACS Pickup features an integrated volume control for quick and convenient adjustment. Its broad tonal range means most players will find an ideal tone with the volume control alone. For more advanced tone shaping, the volume potentiometer can be replaced with EMG's optional active tone control. The active tone control provides bass, middle and treble controls for precise tailoring of the amplified acoustic tone.

Road-Ready and Built to Last

As with all EMG pickups, the ACS is built in the USA to exacting standards with high-quality components meant to withstand the rigors of the road. It comes complete with all necessary installation components, including EMG's exclusive quick-connect output jack, cable, cable keepers, battery bag, hex wrenches and instructions. The ACS Pickup's durable construction and non-intrusive design mean it will provide years of great amplified tone without impacting the acoustic integrity of your guitar.

EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Pickup Ivory
EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Pickup Ivory
EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Pickup Ivory

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