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Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Your guitar tone is greatly influenced by the strings you equip your axe with, and it's for this reason why so many pro musicians count on Dunlop to provide them with acoustic guitar strings that look and sound incredible. Using only the finest materials, Dunlop's team of experts test every string they develop to ensure they're perfectly balanced and ring loud and clear. In fact, Dunlop's dedication to your musical enjoyment has earned them praise from many well-known recording artists, including James Hetfield of Metallica, Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains and Tim Reynolds of Dave Matthews Band. So which strings are the right match for you? That will depend on the guitar sound you want to achieve. For example, the Zakk Wylde Icon Series Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings deliver a crisp and full tone that will satisfy strummers and pluckers alike. Favored for their wide dynamic range, these strings allow you to take your performance from a soft melodic fingerstyle to hard picked solos without losing any detail. Like all Dunlop strings, these are made of the highest quality wire available and have carefully selected core-to-wrap ratios. Now for those who want plenty of volume, your best bet is to go with a medium gauge, and the Phosphor Bronze Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings boast a rich sound with a quick break-in time. In every chord you play, you'll hear bass notes growl and harmonics pop with exceptional clarity. Versatile and durable enough to withstand the hardest of players, these strings are everything you'd expect and more from one of the most recognized and respected names in music accessories. Of course, these two options were highlighted simply to give you an idea of what Dunlop has waiting in their catalog. As you can imagine, there are plenty of other choices, and any guitarist would benefit from browsing their entire selection. Whether you're content jamming with buddies or have aspirations of super-stardom, Dunlop has an acoustic guitar string set for anyone who has a passion for creating music.