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Dean 5 String Electric Bass

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Condition: Good

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Condition: Excellent

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Condition: Great

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Condition: Good

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They say that some people go their whole lives without discovering their true calling. Dean Zalinsky was definitely not one of those people. In 1976, when he was only 19, he knew that building instruments was his destined career. That was when he founded his company, Dean Guitars, and began impressing musicians the world over with the craftsmanship of his instruments. 21 years later, the reins of the company passed to a bassist named Elliot Dean Robinson, who took a personal interest in expanding the bass guitar side of the business. Today, a Dean 5-string electric bass is the perfect introduction to the extended range added by a fifth string. One of the common threads that connect every Dean 5-string electric bass is affordability. With price tags that fit into even the tightest budgets, they've made it possible for any bassist to own an instrument that's well-crafted, with a great look and sound. Just take a gander at the Edge 1 5-string Electric Bass Guitar, for instance. Designed with beginners in mind, it has a light basswood body with comfortable lines and a 35" scale maple neck that's fast and easy to play. It's the perfect axe for a first-timer, whether that's your first time with a 5th string or even your first time with a bass guitar, period. If you want maximum bang for your buck, check out the Dean Edge 09 5-string Bass. Like the Edge 1, it's got a body and neck derived from over 20 years of Dean design team experience, making it so easy to hold and play. Or, if you're looking for a more professional-oriented option, consider the flagship Dean Edge 5-string EMG Electric Bass Guitar. Its custom neck joint and heel, along with the special 4-bolt joint pattern, make it as sturdy and reliable as it is light and accessible. Simply put, it's an all-around joy to play and a great performer as well. Thanks to Dean 5-string electric basses, playing the bass guitar doesn't have to mean sacrificing your musical range. With necks as long as two octaves, these instruments give you a ton of room for crafting your own signature sound. It's the least you would expect from an instrument designed by musicians, for musicians, and Dean definitely lives up to their reputation of delivering just what they promise.