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The D'Addario Equinox headstock tuner allows musicians to tune their instruments with pinpoint accuracy regardless of ambient noise or lighting conditions. Using a highly sensitive piezo sensor, this innovative tuner detects the natural vibrations of your guitar, bass or other stringed instrument to provide an accurate readout on its large multi-color display. The pivoting display allows for easy viewing at any angle, enabling quick tuning on dark stages or in loud rehearsal spaces where other tuners cannot function.

Vibration-Based Tuning Cuts Through the Noise

Rather than relying on ambient sound like many other tuners, the D'Addario Equinox headstock tuner uses a piezo sensor to detect the vibrations of your instrument's strings. This allows for fast, precise tuning even in noisy environments where hearing the strings alone would be difficult. The tuner's highly sensitive vibration detection means you'll always be in tune, even if you can't hear it.

A Pivoting Color Display for Any Viewing Angle

The D'Addario Equinox headstock tuner features a pivoting color display that can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing you to view it at any angle. The large, backlit display is easy to read on dark stages, and the pivoting design enables you to tune in cramped spaces or awkward playing positions. With a bright, multi-color display and the ability to pivot to any viewing angle, this tuner gives you an accurate readout of your tuning no matter the environment or positioning.

Simple, Intuitive Controls for Quick Tuning

Despite its advanced features, the D'Addario Equinox headstock tuner is designed to be simple to operate. A single button powers the unit on and begins the auto-tuning function, while a Mode button switches between chromatic, guitar, bass, violin and ukulele tuning. Arrow buttons allow for manual pitch selection and calibration. The tuner's intuitive, minimal controls mean you can start tuning right away without consulting a manual.

A Rugged, Road-Ready Design

With a durable clip-on design and rugged ABS plastic housing, the D'Addario Equinox headstock tuner is built to withstand the rigors of touring and transport. The tuner securely attaches to your instrument's headstock, allowing for hands-free operation and single-handed tuning on the go. A long-lasting CR2032 battery powers the tuner for over 100 hours of continuous use. For musicians and performers on the road, this road-tested tuner delivers tuning precision that can keep up with your active schedule.

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