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Corelli Violin Strings

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When you're about to perform for an audience, knowing that your instrument is outfitted with quality violin strings that you can count on is a must. Whether you're playing at a recital or in a symphony, it's important to have fantastic-sounding strings that not only last but that allow for quick, easy fingering. Corelli is a well-known French company that has been making strings for bowed instruments for hundreds of years. They've taken advice from great soloists and have developed high-tech machinery in order to manufacture dependable strings that sing beautifully even under the slightest pressure of the bow. If that sounds interesting to you, here are some Corelli violin strings to consider.

If you're a professional musician looking for a reliable 4/4 string that offers great power and fast, accurate response, Corelli Alliance-Vivace Violin Strings are among the very best that you can get. The synthetic core strings are made in France with aluminum or silver windings and E loop ends. They sound similar to gut strings, have an impressive lifespan and stay in tune for a long time. They'll even add depth to the harmonics of starter violins. Pros and music teachers rave about the brightness, projection and stability of these medium gauge strings.

Another option to consider trying would be Corelli Crystal Violin Strings. This is another powerful and responsive string set with an advanced core design and special alloy wound stabilon. Even though they have nylon cores, they produce a rich classic sound with natural warmth while still providing optimum elasticity. It's also nice that they're available individually, so you can customize your instrument by combining these in some positions with Alliance-VIvace strings in others – or any of your preferred strings, for that matter.

When you'd rather concentrate on your performance than worry about your strings, think about choosing one of the suggestions offered here. With their sophisticated design, Corelli violin strings are distinguished by their longevity and full, authentic sound. Once you pick the gauges you need, you'll be ready to enjoy easy, accurate bow action and gorgeously nuanced expression on every passage from pianissimo to staccato.