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A mainstay in folk, traditional and polka music, concertinas are known for their interesting shape, their individual button note construction and compact, portable size. A cousin of the accordion, concertinas typically come in three different styles: English, Anglo-German and German. English concertinas play a chromatic scale and are designed so that each button produces the same note whether the bellows are being pushed or pulled. German concertinas generally use a different style of "long plate" reeds and have a boxy, square look. Anglo-German concertinas are a combination of both types, blending the "long-plate" reed design of the German concertina with the hexagonal shape of the English type.

A top seller for many reasons, the Hohner D40 Concertina is an instrument that brings style and substantial sound to any performance. Weighing in at a slight three pounds, this Anglo squeezebox produces a smooth, bright sound and plays any polka piece with ease. Another best-selling Anglo concertina is the Musician's Gear 20-Button Concertina Red. This 20 button, 2-and-a-half octave instrument sounds fantastic and it has the looks to match with its sleek red pearloid endplates and eye-catching patterned reinforced bellows.

If you're a musician who frequently takes their concertina on the road, a gig bag is a must. Made to fit the D40 Concertina mentioned above, this Hohner gig bag is designed with multiple seams and a Cordura outer shell with quality foam padding inside to keep your instrument protected. Finished with a heavy-duty nylon handle, this concertina gig bag will ensure your squeezebox arrives safely to your next performance.

Whether you're a beginner, an accomplished player, or somewhere in between, there's a concertina in this section that will exceed your expectations, so go ahead and explore the rest of your options whenever you're ready. Entertaining, exciting and a total blast to play, any one of the concertinas found here will bring character and a one-of-a-kind voice to your band/ensemble.