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Classroom Wands, Scarves, Wearables

Musical expression comes in many forms, functions, shapes and colors, and teaching that to children in the early stages of their musical journey is a great way to boost their creativity. For this reason, it only makes sense to include a wide variety of classroom wands, scarves and wearables into elementary music curriculums, and this section is loaded with eye-catching options that kids will love. You'll even find streamers, ribbons and parachutes here from respected music education companies like Twinson, Rhythm Band, Educational Activities and KSP.

Honestly, any decision you make here is going to be a great one, because everything here is designed for the purpose of broadening young minds and nurturing their musical development. Just take a closer look at a top seller like the KSP Bright Color Ribbon Wands. These six bright colors of ribbon are attached to 9" long plastic sparkle wands with swivels (to prevent tangling). Or, check out the Rhythm Band 12 Colored Scarves. In this set, you'll receive twelve 27" scarves, 2 of each color of the rainbow. Make no mistake, the addition of these ribbons and scarves will enhance any classical musical activity.

And your options certainly don't end there. Remember playing parachute games in elementary? You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't, and the Rhythm Band 6' Parachute is fun for all ages and ability levels. Constructed of heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stress points and equipped with nylon handles, including this parachute into your music class will create long-lasting memories for everyone involved.

While you're at it, be sure to browse the many CD-ROMS that contain musical works written to accompany dances and activities with classroom wands, scarves and wearables. Whether you're an elementary music teacher who's preparing for an up-and-coming semester or a parent who wants to stimulate your own child's musical imagination, there's something everyone can enjoy in this catalog.