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Chord Finders

With so many online resources and inventive products to help an aspiring guitarist kick off their musical journey, it has never been so easy to learn the guitar or bass. Take for example, chord finders. Thanks to innovative companies like Fretlord, you'll find an impressive range of accessories to help you find the right notes on your instrument - and in the process, improve your accuracy and overall musicianship. Take a closer look at each of the options in this catalog and see for yourself how chord finders can benefit your guitar or bass playing performance. To get a great idea of what this section is truly about, your best bet is to start your search with the more popular items, and the Fretlord FretLightZ Fretboard Illuminator LED Light is a top seller. By mounting this spotlight on your guitar or bass, a bright high output LED light aims right on your fretboard so you can see your fret position clear as day. From nighttime beach parties to campfire sessions and even dimly-lit stages, the FretLightZ LED light is a useful accessory for any guitarist or bassist to own. If that LED light caught your attention, then you might also want to consider picking up the Fretlord Fret OptiX Color LED Module for Fretmarker Light Multi-Color. Each high output LED module is powered by replaceable lithium coin cell batteries (included) that have a lifespan of up to 20 hours, and one LED provides up to 12 points of light over a single fiber optic. Transparent and easy to peel, the Fret OptiX system will not only make playing in the dark a cinch, but it also creates an eye-catching visual appeal for when you're ready to perform in front of an audience. As you can see, chord finders like the two mentioned above have benefits for both up-and-comers and pro-level musicians alike. Even in rooms where all the lights are off, you still want your guitar performance to stand out, and any one of the options in this selection will make your fretboard shine, so you can too.