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Children's CDs

Children and music go together like macaroni and cheese. Of course, it's no wonder why when you consider how many benefits music has on a child's developing mind: it improves listening skills, stimulates abstract ways of thinking, evokes movement, and it makes them more social. For these reasons and many others, every parent and music educator should own a diverse collection of children's CDs, and for that you've definitely come to the right place. Whether you want to turn a child on to the greatest composers of all time or would like to show them a variety of musical styles ranging from rock to pop, this selection of children's CDs is loaded with options for kids of all ages. To kick things off, check out the Alfred Orchestra Expressions Book One Student Edition Student CD 2. These lessons were made to provide music educators of all levels with easy-to-use tools to make teaching music exciting for everyone involved. In fact, they were written based on the National Standards for the Artist in Music, so you can bet that a great deal of time and effort went into the creation of these lessons. Alfred is another company that's known for their educational reference materials, and the String Explorer Book 1 Acc. Recording 2-CD Set takes students on a fun and challenging journey into the wonders of string playing. From proper right and left hand technique to the history of stringed instruments and even "Hot Shot' challenges to keep the aspiring musician entertained, this method is a blast from start to finish. Whatever children's CD you choose from this catalog, you can expect it to be both educational and enjoyable for your developing music maker. At this point we'll leave you to explore the rest of your options; make no mistake, any one of the children's CDs in this section will be sure to put a smile on the face of any music-loving youngster.