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Even if you've never heard of the caixa before, you'll probably notice that the caixas in this section look awfully familiar. That's because you've certainly seen a snare drum, and the caixa is a type of traditional Brazilian snare. Have you ever wondered how snare drummers get that special sound in Brazil's Carnaval parade? Caixas are the answer, and whether you're a traditional South American drummer or an ambitious percussion artist looking to expand your collection with a really cool drum, you've come to the right place. There are several different sizes and styles of caixa here to choose from, so it's easy to tailor your choice to fit your signature sound. Latin Percussion has carved itself a firm foothold as the ambassador for Latin and South American drums of all kinds, so its offering is as good a place as any to start. The LP Aluminum Caixa Snare Drum is a perfect example to showcase the high pitch and snare sensitivity required for traditional caixa playing, with its syncopated patterns and buzz rolls. And as a nod to the caixa's roots in the Portuguese military, this drum is designed from the ground up for marching, including a radius-angle top rim and super lightweight construction. Another name to consider is Meinl, and they actually make caixas in two sizes. There's the Meinl Traditional Caixa Drum if you're looking for something in line with the classic Brazilian styling. It follows the old-school design standards, using paired guitar strings as its snare. Or, if you'd prefer to go a little more modern, check out Meinl's smaller model: it's built to pack the iconic bright and cutting caixas sound into a more compact frame, making it perfect for street samba. So don't be afraid to get back to tradition and go for an instrument backed by lots of heritage. Caixas have a sound that stands out even when compared to other snare drums, and they have a lot of potential to offer any percussionist. Of course it goes without saying that it's a must-have for traditional Brazilian music, but a caixa can be a great addition to drummers of other styles as well. When in doubt, experiment!