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Bridges & Tailpieces for Bass

The voice of an electric bass starts with its strings, and that's all the reason we need to make sure our strings are treated right! Naturally, the first step to supporting the strings on your bass is just that: supporting them. In this selection of bridges and tailpieces for bass guitars, you can gear up with just what the doctor ordered to keep your strings sitting pretty. That can be for any reason - maybe you're a tinkerer and you're building your latest bass completely from scratch, or maybe you've gotten your hands on a well-worn vintage axe and its old bridge has bought the farm. Whatever the case may be, if you need a bridge or tailpiece, this is the place to start. There are two major things you'll need to factor in when picking out bridges or tailpieces: whether your bass is a string-through type and, of course, which model bass it is in the first place. Narrowing down the options by those two points will give you your assortment of possible parts - for instance, if you're retrofitting a Fender 5-hole mount bridge on a 4-string bass, you're looking at something like the Hipshot A-Style Bass Bridge Mount 1 for non-string-through instruments, or the A-Style Bass Bridge Mount 2 for the string-through versions. Each of these comes in aluminum or brass, with your choice of chrome or black finishes for a customizable stage presence. One of the top-rated bridges, also for Fender basses (or compatible designs), is the Full Contact Hardware 4-String Fender-Style Bass Bridge. It's definitely worth considering if you want to go with a fan favorite! Wondering where all the Gibson hardware is at? That's here, too: just take a look at the Hipshot SuperTone Gibson 3-Point Bass Bridge and SuperTone Gibson 2-Point Bass Bridge. Pick the one that fits your Gibson model, and you're good to go. Not everyone likes to work on his or her own instrument, but for those of us that do, getting the best spare and upgrade parts on the market is definitely a top priority. And when your shopping list includes bridges or tailpieces for your bass, look no further than these pages to start your search. With a good variety of hardware here to choose from, it's no problem at all to start building that amazing new instrument from scratch or to breathe new life into a beloved favorite axe.