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Most rockers believe that when it comes to success, the music should speak for itself. But we all know that the music is only part of what gets a band noticed - in fact, your band's image is just as important as the songs. With that in mind, there are plenty of cool accessories out there to help you look like a bona fide headbanger, and this certainly includes bracelets. Leather bracelets have been a fashion staple in both punk and heavy metal circles since the early days of both genres, and the models in this selection are designed by respected music and music accessory companies like Perri's and Peavey. Whether you prefer the look of plain black or an iconic design like the skull and crossbones, there's bound to be a bracelet here that matches your killer style. To starts things off, take a look at Perri's Leather Bracelet with Airbrushed Design. Available in your choice of a lightning bolt or chopper graphic, this bracelet is fashioned from 100% leather and features a snap enclosure. Another cool option is the Peavey Leather Bracer in Black. Featuring a de-bossed classic Peavey logo, this bracelet fits wrists from 7" to 8" in circumference. In addition to the bracelets mentioned from Perri's and Peavey, you'll also find two unique options from Pickbandz. The Pick-Holding Wristband, for example, is a one-of-a-kind bracelet that can hold your guitar pick. Available in a variety of colors, all you have to do is insert your guitar pick into the wristband and it will stay securely in place. Or, if you want a bracelet that holds more than one pick, check out the Pickbandz Pro. This top seller is made from 100% silicone, making it extremely lightweight. It holds up to 7 guitar picks right at your fingertips, making it ideal for all you shredders who like play hard and fast. As you can see, if bracelets are something that fit in with your unique music tastes and fashion style, you're definitely in the right section. Just remember: while your music is more important than anything else, looking the part is crucial to turning heads in your direction as well. So feel free to browse the rest of your bracelet options whenever you're ready.