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Bellafina Cellos

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Bellafina is appreciated all over the world for their commitment and passion in creating reliable stringed instruments, including cellos. Cellos are the second-largest member of the viola family and have an important role in the orchestra. With a calm, mellow tone and commanding appearance, the cello is the instrument of choice for many novice and professional musicians. Whether you're a solo performer or a member of a string quartet or an orchestra, a Bellafina cello is an excellent choice to display your talents and springboard your success.

Bellafina offers a versatile range of student and intermediate-level cellos. It would be a good idea to think about your skill level, playing style and personal goals before diving in to make a choice. Many of Bellafina's instruments are sized at a reduced scale, which makes them perfect for younger players or adults with smaller builds, like the Musicale Series Cello Outfit which comes in sizes from 1/4 to a full 4/4. Sleek and easy-to-handle, this cello has a spruce top, maple sides, all-ebony pegs and an ebony fingerboard. As well, its D'Addario Prelude Strings offer a warm, rich sound and are very durable throughout practice sessions and performances.

Once you've spent some time perfecting your technique, it may be time to upgrade to a more advanced option to match your growing talents. Bellafina has you covered with the Overture Series Cello Outfit. Also made from spruce and maple, this instrument features an ebony fingerboard, a composite tailpiece and a select French maple bridge. "Both this and the Musicale Series cello include a coordinating bow and carry case for convenience and easy care.

Speaking of care, it's clear that Bellafina has put a lot of it into the craftsmanship of their cellos. Investing in a new instrument is a big decision, so take some time to review the options in this section. There's nothing quite comparable to the pride felt by mastering your instrument of choice and Bellafina wants to help you in that exciting journey.