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Bass Flutes

Every family of instruments has its various members, each one usually handling its own specific section of the musical scale. The flute is no exception, and when it comes to the lower pitches, you're entering the domain of bass flutes. With their curved headjoints, these larger instruments definitely stand out from the more common varieties of flute. They have a voice that's all their own, too, so if you're an experienced flutist looking for a way to expand your repertoire, this is it. Or, if you're a beginner and you're excited by the challenge of starting out with a somewhat exotic instrument, look no further - the bass flute definitely fits the bill. Besides the curved headjoint, there are a couple of other features that distinguish the bass flute. It range runs from C3 to C6, and some are even made with a vertical design that's easier on the arms since it doesn't have to be held up high. Trill keys are usually standard on bass flutes, which use them to stabilize some notes and improve intonation in the instrument's third octave - in addition, of course, to their typical job of alternating a pair of notes. Some bass flutes also have left thumb crutches built in, which helps out with keeping them steady as you play. Choosing the right bass flute for you needs can be as simple as matching the instrument to your experience level and budget. The Allora AABF-302 Bass Flute, for instance, is a strong choice for beginners, and it's highly affordable. If you're an intermediate player, or a newcomer searching for an exceptional introductory model, the Gemeinhardt 21BSP Bass Flute may be your best bet. And if you want an instrument that delivers maximum versatility, you should also check out the Pearl Flutes 305 Series Bass Flute. At the end of the day, you're the only one qualified to narrow down the bass flutes available here to the single best option for your needs. That's because no one knows your musical style and standards as well as you. So take a close look and choose carefully, and you can't go wrong! These are fantastic instruments for any musician to play, and there's no doubt that the ideal bass flute is waiting here for you to find it.