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Bass Endpin Rests

As a double bassist, you know that in order to deliver a flawless performance on stage or in the rehearsal room, your instrument needs to be steady. This is why bass endpin rests are essential accessories for every double bass player to own. By placing a rest on the floor for your endpin to sit in, your instrument will stay in its proper position while you play it - it's as simple as that. In this section, you'll discover an impressive variety of models from companies who have earned themselves solid reputations for crafting bass endpin rests that are durable, strong and slip-resistant.

Any one of these bass endpin rests would do an exceptional job at keeping your bass balanced on the stage floor, but it never hurts to start your search with a top seller, and the Rockstop Bass Endpin Rest is just that. Featuring a sturdy metal cut with a non-skid, waffle pattern dense foam black rubber base, this bass endpin rest belongs in the gig bag of any student or professional double bassist.

After you're finished checking out Rockstop's terrific endpin rest model, turn your attention over to the Glaesel Bass Endpin Rest. Featuring a rugged metal dish that's a cinch to locate, this bass endpin rest is made from grippy rubber that not only holds your instrument in place, but protects the floor as well. No doubt, the Glaesel Bass Endpin Rest will impress any double bassist who has high performance aspirations.

The fact that you've come to this catalog is a clear indication that you take your double bass technique seriously. For that reason alone, you deserve a bass endpin rest that was crafted with your hard-earned skills in mind. Well you've definitely come to the right place for that; these bass endpin rests are used by professional musicians around the world, so the results will be sure to please you.