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Bass Amplifier Footswitches

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Effects pedals are staple components in the setup of any bassist, but then again, so are the effects built right into your amplifier - and what's the sense of having the convenience of stompboxes for some effects, but not for others? Bringing all your effects together into a single collection of pedals is as easy as adding one or more of these bass amplifier footswitches to your stage setup. That way, your amp will be as easy to control as anything else in your signal path, which means less time spent stooping down to fiddle with switches and more time spent focusing on the audience and the music, letting your stage presence stand tall.

Choosing a specific type of bass amp footswitch is going to depend, naturally, on the type of amplifier you'll be pairing it with. If you're a Gallien-Krueger user, then their RF-II Footswitch has you covered, even for legacy amps like the 250ML. For Ampeg units, check out the Ampeg AFP2 Footswitch, which works with a broad range of Ampeg's lineup and supports a variety of functions depending on the specific amplifier it's plugged into. If you play TC's RH450 bass head, turn your attention to the TC Electronic RC4 Bass Footswitch to scratch your itch for remote control.

Looking for a more general-purpose footswitch that works with just about any amplifier? The Peavey Momentary Single-Button Bass Amp Footswitch is designed to control digital delays and other short-term effects, and with its standard 1/4" plug, it can connect to all kinds of bass amps. Plus, it includes a bundled 15' cable so it's ready to plug in and use right out of the box - a quick and easy way to take full command over your amp's onboard effects capability.

No matter how basic or how elaborate your needs are in bass amplifier footswitches, this is the place to start searching for the answer. From general-purpose to proprietary, simple momentary switches to full-featured remote controllers, these accessories come in lots of different types and the right ones for your tastes are up to you to decide - just think of it as one more step on the path toward a customized bass amp setup that's totally your own.