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When Bill Bartolini started his journey as a guitar pickup specialist in 1973, there was no telling how respected his name would become around the world among acoustic and electric guitarists. Over the decades that followed, Bartolini guitar pickups found their way to the guitars of countless heavy hitters in the music industry. Whether you're searching for a new humbucker, single-coil or P90, there's something in Bartolini's catalog of guitar pickups that would make a massive upgrade to your axe.

The Bartolini guitar pickup for you will depend on the guitar tone you want to achieve. If it's a bright, trebly sound that you want, your best bet is to go with a P90 pickup. In which case, check out the Electric Guitar 6-String P90 Humbucker Dual Coil Neck Pickup. The high clarity and warm, clear tone of this pickup will be sure to make your leads cut through any mix. This pickup also has very low noise and easily mounts with 3 screws for optimum tilt control.

Of course, anyone who is familiar with humbucker pickups know what makes them so great, and Bartolini's humbucker pickups are unrivaled. Humbuckers are ideal for guitarists who favor a warm, thick sound that's hum-free and sustains well. Bartolini has more than enough humbuckers to choose from, including the 5J Johnny Smith Style Electric Guitar Pickup. Johnny Smith is highly regarded in jazz circles and this humbucker pays tribute to his smooth, crystal-clear tone. Bartolini also specializes in humbuckers that can fit slimmer Strat pickup holes. For example, the 6-String Jazz Tone Mid Pickup for Strat comes in your choice of black and white colors and delivers a jazzy, full range tone that would make any virtuoso smile.

This selection of Bartolini guitar pickups is so extensive, you might want to try spending a little time here. The simple truth is that customizing your favorite guitar with a new pickup is a fun way to make your instrument's tone more reflective of your personal tastes. If this is something you're strongly considering, then a Bartolini guitar pickup or two may be all it takes to create a guitar sound that's truly your own.