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Band Method & Instruction DVDs

Every aspiring musician learns differently: some prefer one-on-one instruction with a teacher while others favor a classroom environment. But thanks to the wide variety of band method and instruction DVDs that are available on today's music market, you don't even have to leave your couch to get a great music lesson. Music education experts like Hal Leonard, Jody Jazz, Alfred and many others specialize in band method and instruction DVDs for the alto sax, flute/piccolo, clarinet, trombone and the trumpet.

Speaking of the alto sax, newcomers to the instrument have terrific instruction DVDs to consider. For one, there's the Alfred Ultimate Beginner Series: Alto Saxophone Volumes l & II DVD - a top seller that's ideal for young students and even past players returning to the instrument. Flutists also have fantastic choices - need a suggestion? Check out the ProLine Play Flute Today DVD. This amazing book/CD/DVD package will show you how to assemble and care for your instrument, produce a sound, read music notation and rhythms and the book itself even includes a glossary of terms and fingering chart. Additionally, the CD contains 74 full-demo tracks; simply put, this package is perfect for anyone who has aspirations of playing the flute.

Trumpet, trombone and clarinetists have plenty of DVD options here as well. From Hal Leonard, there's the Trumpet Secrets Revealed DVD Featuring John Thomas. In this DVD you'll receive excellent warm-up tips and learn how to form your embouchure, sing through your horn and clean your instrument. For trombonists, there's the ProLine Play Trombone Today DVD, where you'll be taken through a series of lessons on breathing and posture, how to produce a great tone and much more. In fact, ProLine also offers the same "Play Today" DVD series for the clarinet.

Whether you need to work on your marching abilities, improvisation skills or even if you're new to an instrument and only want to learn the basics, you'll find the perfect tutorial in this selection of band method and instruction DVDs. And don't feel like you have to settle for just one - these DVDs are very affordable and any experienced musician will tell you that owning a broad collection of music methods will only make you a more versatile player.