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The Auto-Tune Pro 11 provides unparalleled pitch correction and vocal manipulation capabilities. This advanced edition integrates a 4-part harmony player, enabling you to create, tune, mix and trigger four independent harmonies. With streamlined Graph Mode tools and an updated interface, you'll achieve an efficient workflow. Auto-Tune Pro 11 runs natively on Apple Silicon and includes ARA2 support for seamless integration with your DAW.

Four-Part Harmony Player

Explore new dimensions of vocal creativity with the integrated 4-part harmony player. Craft up to four independent harmonies and tune each part precisely. You have the freedom to mix harmonies to suit your sound and trigger them via MIDI for enhanced control over your vocal production.

Revamped MIDI Functionality

Experience tighter precision and control over your pitch correction workflow thanks to improved MIDI hardware mapping. The smart MIDI learn feature enables you to quickly map your MIDI controllers to the parameters you use most. You'll gain the flexibility and efficiency of hands-on control over Auto-Tune Pro 11.

Streamlined Graph Mode Editing

Achieve rapid editing in Graph Mode using the updated zooming and navigation tools. Zoom in on specific notes or phrases to make detailed pitch and time adjustments, then zoom out to see the bigger picture. You'll fly through Graph Mode editing with the instinctive zooming and scrolling features.

Refreshed Interface

Both the Auto Mode and Graph Mode interfaces have been redesigned based on user feedback for optimal readability and ease of use. Crisper graphics and a refreshed color scheme provide an interface that's both appealing and highly functional. The updates make it even simpler to leverage the powerful features of Auto-Tune Pro 11.

Antares Auto-Tune Pro 11
Antares Auto-Tune Pro 11
Antares Auto-Tune Pro 11

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  • Integrated 4-part harmony player
  • Revamped midi hardware mapping
  • New graph mode tools for more efficient workflow
  • Refined auto-mode and graph mode GUI