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Alto Flutes

Favored for its mellow tone in the lower register, the alto flute is one of the more unique members of the flute family. It's exactly a fourth lower than the C flute and its long, thick body requires more breath to play compared to most other woodwind instruments - in fact, alto flutes are sometimes referred to as bass flutes because of their low range. Many classic scores were composed with the alto flute, including works by Maurice Ravel and Igor Stravinsky. In modern times, numerous acclaimed musicians have gained notoriety for their alto flute talents, including well known jazz players Ali Ryerson and Christ Potter.

The right alto flute for you will depend on your current skill level, how much you're willing to spend and whether you prefer a straight or curved headjoint. While most professional players agree that straight versions have better intonation, alto flutes with curved headjoints are said to be better for musicians with smaller hands and arms since they require less arm stretch to play. Speaking of beginners, the Gemeinhardt Alto Flute is ideal for students, it comes in both solid silver or silver-plated body styles and your choice of a straight or curved headjoint (one model has both). Designed to play with ease in all registers, the Gemeinhardt Alto Flute would make an exceptional addition to any school-oriented concert band or orchestra.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with an Alto Flute that perfectly reflects your years of dedication to the instrument - in which case, check out the Altus 1000 Series handmade Alto Flute. The projection, intonation and flexibility of this instrument was achieved through a combination of vintage inspiration and modern technology. It features a .925 Sterling silver headjoint (curved, straight or both can be chosen from the drop-down menu), a Sterling silver-plated mechanism and extruded tubing with drawn and rolled tone holes. Along with the included plush lined case cover and maintenance accessories, the Altus 1000 belongs in the hands of any passionate alto flutist.

The strong musicianship required to play the alto flute means that today's models are meticulously crafted with the highest quality components - and that can be said whether you're searching for a student or professionally-made instrument. In addition to the models mentioned, there are other alto flutes here as well that deserve your consideration, so jump into your options any time now and have a look.