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Agazarian China Cymbals

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When it comes to China cymbals, Agazarian is quite often the go-to choice of many percussionists, and throughout this section you'll find more than enough options to choose from. Individually handmade and using techniques that were pioneered hundreds of years ago, each Agazarian China cymbal has its own unique acoustic characteristics. No doubt, if you're looking to bring some color to your next percussion performance, any one of these cymbals would make an excellent addition to your routine. The dark and explosive sound of a China cymbal has fascinated listeners for thousands of years. Originally, they were used in wedding celebrations, religious ceremonies and even to attract bees back to their hives. Of course, pointing this out is to illustrate just how versatile the China cymbal actually is, and why today they can be heard in countless musical genres. Throughout this catalog, you'll find China cymbals ranging from 12" to 18" in size, and each boasting their own distinctive appearance. If you're still not sure where to begin your search in this catalog, we'll suggest starting with the Trad China Cymbal. Carefully crafted and showcasing a shimmering, eye-catching look, this China cymbal provides plenty of trash and a balanced wash that will satisfy pros and hobbyists alike. And this is just one of many choices that await you in this section. Truthfully, your best bet is to dive in and explore every China cymbal that Agazarian has to offer. As every percussionist already knows, you can never have too many cymbals in your setup, and effects cymbals like the China are a fun way to broaden the horizons of what you can do when you sit behind your kit. With that in mind, you can take comfort in knowing that Agazarians's team of cymbal makers take pride in everything they design.