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Accompaniment Vocal Method Books

If you're an aspiring singer, then you'll be glad to hear that today's selection of vocal method books is both diverse and seemingly endless. Whether you're a soloist who has hopes of becoming the next Mariah Carey or the leader of a hard rock band and want to master your pipes in the higher register, vocal method books are crucial to your musical ambitions. With that being said, accompaniment vocal method books are also essential resource material; these collections of song arrangements and exercises are meant to serve as companions to your favorite method books and instructions. To put it simply, if you're looking to take your vocal talents to a new level, accompaniment vocal method books are the way to go.

For an excellent idea of what this catalog is all about, you don't need to look any further than the Alfred Vocalize (Book/CD). This volume is jam-packed with songs and amazing exercises to reinforce fundamental vocal concepts for solo and choral singers of all ages. There are 11 categories all together and each one is very straightforward and easy to follow. Topics include: warm-ups, vowels, correct posture, breathe support, tone quality, articulation, harmony and more. Additionally, PDF files of the enhanced CD provide extracted vocal lines on reproducible singer pages. Grab this resource and you'll be sure to notice a huge improvement in your vocal performance.

And there are many other accompaniment vocal method books here as well, so try to check back as often as you can to see what's in store. Regardless of your chosen instrument (and your vocal is most certainly an instrument), you can never own too many method books to expand your musical knowledge. Ask any professional vocalist and they'll tell you that anyone who wants to improve their vocal abilities should own accompaniment vocal method books, so start stocking up today!