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Unleash the musical power of the iPad® iPad Music Apps Hardware

Agile Partners Ampkit+ $19.99

AmpKit is the ultimate guitar amps, effects and recording app

Agile Partners Tab Tool Kit $9.99

A powerful guitar tablature and music notation viewer

Akai Synthstation $1.99

Transform your iPhone into a music production studio

Apple Garageband $4.99

Make music anywhere you go

BeepStreet iSequence HD $4.99

One of the most powerful music creation studio app

BeepStreet Sunrizer Synth $4.99

Sunrizer synth is a virtual analog synthesizer

IK Multimedia Amplitube $19.99

Play, practice and record anytime, anywhere

FL studio mobile hd $19.99

Create/save complete multi-track music projects

Jordan Rudess MorphWiz $9.99

Created by Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier

Korg iElectribe $19.99

Coveted by dance musicians for ten years running

Korg iMS-20 $32.99

iMS-20 is an analog synth studio

Llya Plavunov OMGUITAR $6.99

OMGuitar comes from the makers of Seline HD & Touch DJ!

MooCow Music Pianist Pro $4.99

Pianist, the ORIGINAL iPhone piano

Moog Animoog $29.99

First professional polyphonic synthesizer for the iPad

Moog Filtatron $7.99

FILTATRON is much more than your average sound app

Native Instruments iMaschine $4.99

A beat sketch pad perfect for developing song ideas anytime

Neyrinkck V-Control Pro $49.99

A fully-featured, multi-touch control surface

NLOG Synthpro $7.99

Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

Propellerheads Rebirth $14.99

Propellerhead Software AB~~ReBirth is back!

Saitara Software AC7 Core $7.99

A wireless/wired control surface utilizing CoreMIDI

Shoulda Woulda Coulda $9.99

Performable. Recordable. Polychord 2

Sonoma Wire Works $19.99

StudioTrack is a multi-track recorder and songwriting tool

TouchAble $24.99

Access the most important transport and clip functions

WayOutWare SynthX $4.99

SynthX is great fun and candy for your ears and eyes

Yonac Thereminator $2.99

Put a theremin in your pocket!

Rock Prodigy Dave Mustaine $19.99

Want to shred like Megadeth? Never thought you could? Guess again. This is the app for that. The Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy interactive App

Pocket Labworks Rock Shop $4.99

With David Ellefson, bass player of Megadeth, the Rock Shop turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a mobile practice studio for guitar and bass players.

Rock Prodigy Grateful Dead $9.99

Jam with the 40th Anniversary of Grateful Dead's Europe 72 Tour! An official app of the Grateful Dead! With official Grateful Dead music!

Pocket Labworks Pocket Amp $4.99

PocketAmp with iRiffPort is the best guitar amp effects system for practicing with your iTunes music, supporting Pitch Shift and Slow Downer for learning!

Pocket Labworks Pocket GK $4.99

PocketGK with iRiffPort is the best bass guitar amp system for practicing with your iTunes music, supporting Pitch Shift and Slow Downer for learning!

Rock Prodigy Guitar $29.99

Rock Prodigy is like having a personal trainer for guitar. You'll be amazed at how fast you'll learn guitar and start jamming.

Rock Prodigy Offspring $19.99

The Offspring App is like learning tunes straight from Noodles and Dexter! You'll jam Offspring tunes on your guitar just like you're playing a game!

Yamaha Cloud Audio Recorder $1.99

Cloud Audio Recorder allows you to record the sound of musical instruments to your iOS devices via the built-in microphone.

Yamaha Faders & XY Pad $3.99

Yamaha Faders & XY Pad" is a CoreMIDI application that controls external MIDI devices from the iPad.

Yamaha Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad $3.99

Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad is a Core MIDI application that transmits notes to external MIDI instruments and includes a keyboard, arpeggiator and assignable drum pads.

Yamaha Multi Editor Essential $3.99

Multi Editor Essential is a CoreMIDI application which gives you all the tools you need to mix Songs and Patterns from your Yamaha synthesizer on iPad.

Yamaha Performance Editor Essential $3.99

Performance Editor Essential is a Core MIDI application that enables you to edit the performances of a Yamaha synthesizer from an iPad.

Yamaha Set List Organizer $3.99

Set List Organizer can be used to edit and display the set list for a live performance. It's a must-have application for any musician.

Yamaha Synth Arp & Drum Pad $7.99

Synth Arp & Drum Pad is an iPad app with arpeggiator and drum pad that allows you to easily play the internal synthesizer or any connected MIDI device and produce music with phrases having an abundant variety of musical styles.

Yamaha Voice Editor Essential $3.99

Voice Editor Essential is a simple CoreMIDI iPad editor application for editing the effects in Yamaha Synthesizers.