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For a musician, one of the best feelings in the world is the moment you get your hands on the instrument of your dreams. And better yet, it's a feeling you can experience more than once - because the next "instrument of your dreams" is always on the horizon. It all starts with a second-to-none selection of the finest guitars, amplifiers, effects and accessories, which is exactly what you'll find in the online Platinum room. This is a guitar connoisseur's paradise, where you can compare the subtlest details of instruments and gear at the absolute top of the line. So if you've been searching for the ultimate guitar or amp, feel free to get psyched up: this Platinum section is your link to the most elite luthiers, engineers and craftspeople in the industry.

The spotlight of the Platinum lineup is definitely on guitars, and there are some outstanding instruments here no matter what you're into. For instance, if you want the retro sound and style that brought the Beatles across the pond in the British invasion, check out the Rickenbacker lineup. Or, if you're a metalhead, take a look at what ESP has to offer. The list goes on and on, with the best offerings from Fender, Gibson, PRS, Schecter and more - and don't worry if you're an acoustic player: with a huge selection from Martin, Taylor and others, there are hundreds of acoustic instruments in the Platinum section as well.

Maybe you've already got a stellar collection of guitars (or basses) and you're looking for something equally stellar to plug them into? It takes a great amp to do justice to a great instrument. Just look at the Friedman Brown Eye 110-Watt 2-Channel Tube Guitar Head for example: you can hear this work of art in action with guitarists like Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters and Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi. Here you'll also find the cabinets that amp heads like the Brown Eye deserve, including a full selection of Markbass cabs for your bass. And for those times when you want it all in one package, there are all kinds of boutique combo amps for your consideration as well.

Speaking of boutique, how about some world-class effects pedals? You can see all the options under "effects & accessories," from classics like the Ibanez Hand Wired Tube Screamer to specialty effects such as the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret. They're the icing on the cake that is this Platinum section. So go ahead and take a close look: from guitars to amplifiers to speaker cabinets to effects, this is your opportunity to bring home the best of the best gear for every aspect of your performance. The only thing that's missing is your unique playing style to bring it to life.