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PA Speaker Parts

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B-52 18-220S 18" 1000W Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker (B-52 18-220S)
B-52 18-220S 18" 1000W Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker
  • New: $199.99
  • Blemished: $185.99
  • Rating:
Peavey 14XT Diaphragm Kit (00442500)
Peavey 14XT Diaphragm Kit
  • New: $27.19
  • Blemished: $22.76
  • Rating:
Peavey 14XT Compression Driver (00442510)
Peavey 14XT Compression Driver
Eminence Redcoat CV-75 12" 75w Guitar Speaker (CV-75)
Eminence Redcoat CV-75 12" 75w Guitar Speaker
  • New: $89.99
  • Blemished: $83.69
  • Rating:
Line 6 L6 Link Cable (98-036-0006)
Line 6 L6 Link Cable
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To keep your PA system running like the day you bought it, it’s a good idea to have a few extra parts on-hand. From woofers to mid-range speakers, casters to drivers, and every other replacement part you could think of, the PA speaker parts section will quickly become your favorite. As well, if you’re looking to customize and enhance the sound of your stock speakers, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

When you think about PA systems, the first place your mind goes is to the speakers and woofers themselves. Responsible for the booming sound, speakers are the voice of your setup, so making sure they’re always in working-shape is essential. Whether you’re looking to replace or tailor your current setup, the most important thing to take note of is size and wattage. Making sure both can match what your PA system can handle is crucial when upgrading. After that, you can then focus on the specific benefit all the different speakers can offer.

Compression drivers, also responsible for the sound output, produce the higher sounds you hear, making them also something to consider when looking to upgrade your system. Take a look at the size these as well, as you want to make sure you pick up a driver that fits your specific system. Options like the Celestion CDX1-1445 1" 20W Ferrite Driver and the Eminence PSD:3006 High Frequency Compression Driver give you that crystal clear higher frequency you are looking for in a durable package. With so many options for drivers, you’re sure to discover exactly what you’re looking for.

As well, you’ll find all the other parts you need to improve your overall system in this section. With a variety of handles, straps and casters available, transporting your PA setup around becomes that much easier. And with cables and brackets also present, you can modify the specifics of your system even more.

You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to your PA system. You rely on it a lot, so having the best PA speaker parts is a no-brainer. Improving your system with ease, these parts were made to keep your stage show or events going.