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Microphone Shockmounts

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Sterling Audio STSM7 Shock Mount for ST77 & ST79 Mics (STSM7)
Sterling Audio STSM7 Shock Mount for ST77 & ST79 Mics
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Any recording artist would agree there is nothing quite as exciting as getting the perfect soundtrack of their song in studio. Any artist who performs on stage understands the rush of delivering crystal clear vocals to their adoring fans. In both of these cases, a high-end microphone is necessary to reach the full audio capability. A microphone shockmount plays a big supporting role in delivering the flawless output an artist requires from their microphone.

A shockmount is a mechanical fastener attached to the microphone that uses elastics to absorb unwanted vibrations. A microphone is incredibly sensitive to sound and has a long range in order to give the artist the best possible presentation. However, along with enhancing vocals, a microphone can also pick up unwanted feedback from drums or amplifiers, artist’s movements, and mechanical noises from the stand. A standard shockmount will prevent these unwelcome noises and ensure that every sound the microphone picks up is pure, clear audio. Read More >