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Headphone Mixers & Amps

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Livewire 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier (HA204)
Livewire 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier
  • Was: $69.99
  • New: $49.99
  • Blemished: $43.99
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ART Headamp6Pro Professional 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier (HEADAMP6PRO)
ART Headamp6Pro Professional 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier
  • New: $199.00
  • Blemished: $175.12
  • Rating:
ART Headamp6 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier (HEADAMP6)
ART Headamp6 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier
  • New: $149.00
  • Blemished: $131.12
  • Rating:
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"A great pair of headphones is an audiophile's best friend as well as an essential tool for any studio engineer or recording artist. And just like high-end studio monitors require a good preamp to perform their best, your cans also rely on a solid-performing headphone mixer or amp to power them up and deliver a clean, high-quality audio stream. Whether you're making music or simply looking to enjoy your favorite tunes to the fullest, you stand to gain a lot from a professional-quality amp for your headphones. There are options here for any application, so all you need to do to find the right headphone mixer or amp is start narrowing the choices down based on your needs. For instance, are you looking for something compact to put on a desktop or carry around in a backpack? The Art HeadAMP 4 Stereo Headphone Amp would be a good suggestion. It's small and portable, but still supports up to four headsets at once, perfect for giving each member of the band their own headphones at a garage recording session or rehearsal. If you're searching for the absolute top-of-the-line, take a close look at what Aviom and JamHub have to offer. These are more than just headphone amps; they're powerful studio hardware and they provide a ton of functionality. The TourBus and GreenRoom systems from JamHub, for example, are the perfect rehearsal headphone mixers for any band - and you can even use them to record your demos. With Aviom, headphones are only part of the package: their hardware here can do the lion's share of equipping your whole studio. There's more to headphone mixers and amps than just listening to music. What you'll find here is a versatile assortment of studio and personal hardware that can add a ton of utility to an enthusiast or pro audio setup. If you're the sort of person who lives and breathes music, this selection is full of gear that you just can't miss."