Les Paul Electric Guitars

Gibson Custom Les Paul Electric Guitars

The Gibson Custom Shop offers today's guitar lovers the opportunity to experience the highest standard of quality that has made Gibson guitars the most cherished electric guitars of all time. Using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, the brilliant luthiers at Gibson's Custom Shop painstakingly recreate the renowned and highly sought-after guitars of Gibson's golden age.

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Les Paul Custom

The Gibson Custom Shop proudly offers a wide selection of Les Paul Custom models. Today's Les Paul Custom guitars are based on the original models from the mid-1950s envisioned by Les himself.

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Les Paul Standard Reissues

Vintage Les Paul guitars from the '50s and '60s are some of the most coveted guitars on the planet. Gibson offers an array of accurate reissue Les Paul models, all with period-correct tonewoods, electronics, hardware and finishes.

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Les Paul Axcess

The Les Paul Axcess carries all the elegant style of a Les Paul Standard while boasting a handful of upgrades crafted in the name of versatility and maximum playability.

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Les Paul Artist Signature Series

Throughout the years, countless music legends have chosen the Les Paul as their weapon of choice. The Gibson Custom Shop offers faithful recreations of many of today's top artists' signature models.

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