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Fog Machines, Bubble Machines & Snow Machines

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Chauvet Geyser RGB Fogger Effect (GEYSER RGB)
Chauvet Geyser RGB Fogger Effect
  • $399.99
  • Restock: $369.99
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Chauvet Geyser RGB Jr. (GEYSERRGBJR)
Chauvet Geyser RGB Jr.
American DJ VF1300 1300W Fog Machine (VF1338)
American DJ VF1300 1300W Fog Machine
Chauvet Bubble Juice (BJ-U)
Chauvet Bubble Juice
  • $12.99
  • Rating:
American DJ Mister Kool Fog Machine (MISTER KOOL)
American DJ Mister Kool Fog Machine
  • New: $149.99
  • Blemished: $131.99
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About Fog & Bubble Machines:

Fog, bubble and snow machines can transform a good show into a great one. These stage effects help to create ambience, complement the lighting and draw in the crowd. Fog machines like the Chauvet Hurricane 1300 system are a popular effect often seen in clubs, dances, concerts and DJ acts to create a haunting, atmospheric look. A fog machine can really make a powerful statement and engage the audience, big or small. Wisps of fog seen through colorful lights are an effective way to produce a truly dramatic mood.

If your goal is to create a fun, lighthearted atmosphere, a bubble machine like the American DJ Fog Storm 1200HD may be the way to go. A bouncy, upbeat song is the perfect occasion for the stream of bubbles these machines produce. Not just for musical settings, a bubble machine can alos be right at home at a birthday party, magician’s act or any venue that needs a playful touch. Snow machines, like the American DJ Snow Flurry Snow Effect, create the realistic effect of snow flurries. If you’re playing a show during the winter holidays or want to create a chilly atmosphere by dazzling the audience with a gentle dusting of snow, these machines are sure delight and mesmerize them.

As with any type of hardware, care and maintenance is important. Fog, bubble and snow machines need regular fluid refills to perform their dazzling effects, as well as cleaners to keep them running at peak performance. Keep a few jugs of American DJ Snow Juice, Black Label Atmosphere Fog Fluid or Chauvet Bubble Juice on hand to ensure your machine doesn’t run dry during a show.

A fantastic concert or club act is all about the fine details, from basic lighting to more exotic special effects. Fog, bubble, and snow machines are simple, lightweight and highly portable options that you can pack up and take anywhere to kick a show into high gear.