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drumdots Mini Drum Dampener, 6-pack Clear

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Drumdots Original Drum Dampeners, 4-Pack Clear—the innovative drum dampeners that provide drummers enhanced tonal capabilities and playing versatility. Brought to you by the experts at Drumdots, these self-adhesive pads adhere securely to drumheads to instantly dampen overtones and reduce excess ring, resulting in a tighter, more focused sound with superior stick articulation. The ultrathin, low-profile dots are virtually undetectable to the audience, yet make a world of difference to discerning drummers seeking to refine their sound. The 4-pack includes dots in four different diameters to suit bass drums, toms and snares of all sizes.

Tighten Your Sound with Targeted Dampening

Drummers can strategically place Drumdots on specific drums or areas of the drumhead to eliminate unwanted overtones and tighten their overall drum sound. The dots come in four diameters—1", 1.5", 2" and 2.5"—to precisely match your drum sizes and dampening needs. Place larger dots on bass drums, medium dots on toms and smaller dots on snares to hone each drum's tone and improve stick articulation. Drumdots are ideal for both live performance and recording situations where control and clarity are paramount.

Virtually Invisible, Yet Highly Effective

Drumdots revolutionary design provides targeted dampening without marring your drumset's esthetic. At just .012" thick, the self-adhesive pads are nearly undetectable to audiences, ensuring a natural drum appearance, yet these ultrathin pads are highly effective at absorbing excess resonance and focusing tone. Drumdots proprietary adhesive backing securely bonds each dot to the drumhead upon application for consistent, long lasting dampening and is easily removable without leaving behind residue.

Refine Your Sound with Ease

Application and removal of Drumdots is a simple, do-it-yourself process using the included instructions. Each pack comes with an alcohol wipe for preparing the drumhead surface and ensuring strong adhesion. Start with just one or two dots to subtly control ring and overtones, adding more dots as needed to achieve your desired dampening effect. Drummers can experiment with different dot placements to refine their drum sound for any musical situation. When it's time to restore your drums' wide open resonance, the dots peel off cleanly without damage to the drumhead.

drumdots Original Drum Dampeners, 4-Pack Clear

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  • Reduces the over ring without changing the natural tone of the drum
  • Adheres to drum head with adhesive
  • Large size
  • Compatible with bass drum (batter or resonant head), snare drum, rack tom, floor tom, hi-hat, cymbal and cowbell
  • Reusable and can be cleaned with a drop of baby oil
  • Jewel case included

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